you guys! listen up- season II of VIEWS FROM THE 6IX coming soon. the show is getting a makeover, so sit tight & get your garters on because your socks will be blown off.

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hello listeners (casual, potential, undecided, and/or hooked). VIEWS FROM THE 6IX is just a chill, fun hour hangin’ with two of your favourite ballin’ baes. get in touch, & explore this beautifully crafted (exquisite!) website for questions, answers, laughs, or creeping. sometimes you might think, “do i really want to hear about this? it seems too personal/deep/offensive/disgusting/HILARIOUS/informative/balls-out.” even when you *think the answer is no… it’s actually YES in your heart. you know it. we know it. so please do these things we’re about to tell you, k? k, cool.

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thanks for clicking on this, listening to the show & laughing with us. we’re just two women living our lives, and trying to have fun & make fun while doing it.

c + j. xo



jamillah ross and claire brosseau are grown-ass-women. two friends who have much and not-so-much in common unveil what it’s like to hang out with them, talk, learn, laugh and (maybe?) cry while they smoke weed. VIEWS FROM THE 6IX opens and closes with a sweet, sweet tune they curated themselves. they rein each other’s indiscretion/recklessness by waving red lace undies AKA penalty-flag which is a non-negotiable gag-order. the show is cut at the 60-minute mark, even if it means a conversation-blue-ball. the two women canvass various art forms, literature, politics, social constructionism, sports, and tons of stuff they know a little about, and a little stuff they know tons about. THE DRAKE LOVE FLOWS, HIGH TIMES MAG KNOWS, AND THESE TWO, WHOA. they are both fascinating, and you’re welcome in advance for this special, stimulating listen.