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when you’re all about us, uh-huh.

this is what’s up with us:

claire next-levels the camp in her review of oasis aqualounge, one of toronto’s hottest sex-clubs. further fuckerie includes the hokey pokey straight from the globe theatre, a weed-strain that cancels t-pain, jamillah’s sadistic humour + the importance of tender loving care when making a  milkshake.

in ep.2.03, we discuss spike jonze’s cannabis commercial/short THE NEW NORMAL. claire’s bummed out the women in it are restricted to supporting roles only but otherwise thinks it’s great. check it out and let us know what you think.

in ep. 2.02, amber ruffin’s jokes and WHITE SAVIOR: THE MOVIE TRAILER she stars in with seth meyers, sparks big joy in us. watch it for laughs.

in ep. 2.01, jamillah recounts fun times she spent and cool shit she bought at toronto’s UNDERGROUND CAFE & SOCIAL CLUB. if you’re in town, go!


hello listeners (casual, potential, undecided, and/or hooked). VIEWS FROM THE 6IX is a chill, fun 40mins. podcast, hangin’ with two of your favourite ballin’ baes. get in touch, & explore this exquisitely crafted website for questions, answers, laughs, or creeping. sometimes you might think, “do i really want to hear about this? it seems too personal/deep/offensive/disgusting/HILARIOUS/informative/real.” even when you *think the answer is no… it’s actually YES in your heart. you know it. we know it. so please do these things we’re about to ask of you, k? k, cool.

1. subscribe to it on iTunes/wherever you pleasure your ears: views from the 6ix

b) rate it 5 stars while you’re there. why not? if it feels good, do it. 

III> tell people you like it, even if you don’t.

thanks for clicking on this, listening to the show & laughing with us. we’re just two women living our lives and making/having fun while doing it.

c + j. xo


jamillah ross and claire brosseau are grown-ass-women. 40mins a week, two hilarigreat frienbians who have much and not-so-much in common invite you to put them in your ears. enjoy not learning/knowing less than you did before, laughing + crying (maybe? yikes. collar-pull) while they smoke weed. the hot mas canvass various art forms, literature, politics, social constructionism, sports and tons of stuff they know a little about and a little stuff they know tons about. in weekly segments they valuate the strain(s) of weed they’re ingesting, get witchy, read rigodamnediculous online reviews they wrote and smoothly spread good vibes with some big-ups for what sparks joy in them. they are both fascinating and dynamic af and you’re welcome in advance for this special, stimulating listen.

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