what is even happening right now

we’re updating all our shit. the good news is you can start watching the first episode of season 3: right here right now







start this weekend off right with episode 2.15 right here or coming very soon to your favourite podcatcher

missed some episodes in april? here’s april’s monthly round-up episode.

 the women welcome their monthly visitor in episode 2.14, award winning stand-up comic DOM PARÉ.

thanks for listening. 

j + c 


Forty minutes a week, award-winning actors/comics/writers/singers and professional weed-smokers Jamillah Ross and Claire Brosseau host VIEWS FROM THE 6IX *now in "weekly webinar" form for your throwing-ropes/jilling-off pleasure.* These two high idiots will teach you all about stuff and things and maybe you'll even end-up knowing less than you did before you watched them but don't worry about it ok just relax. Webinars are usually for nerds and/or adults. Well guess what?! These two middle-aged creeps are both. Jamillah and Claire welcome their MONTHLY VISITOR, a guest who will get high and rigodamnediculous with them.

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