what is even happening right now

start this weekend off right with episode 2.15 right here or coming very soon to your favourite podcatcher

missed some episodes in april? here’s april’s monthly round-up episode.

 the women welcome their monthly visitor in episode 2.14, award winning stand-up comic DOM PARÉ.

thanks for listening. 

j + c 


jamillah ross and claire brosseau are grown-ass-ladies. 40mins a week, the two hilarigreat frienbians invite you to laugh and not learn/know less than you did before while they get high. segments cover strain(s) of weed they’re ingesting, mystical materials they’re wielding, their satirical online reviews + shout-outs/good vibes. each episode wraps up with jamillah & claire’s respective views on a personal + unconventional topic. *special monthly episodes include "monthly visitor" (w/guest) and a "round-up" (CliffsNotes). VIEWS FROM THE 6IX is the catharsis the world’s been waiting for and these 2 high creeps are the women to bring it.

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