what you’ll hear here


(pure. fucking. magic.) warning: this will induce eargasms.

all in good fun.

jamillah ross and claire brosseau are professional jokers and grown-ass-ladies. 40mins a week, the two hilarigreat frienbians invite you to giggle + not learn/know less than you did before while they get high. segments cover strain(s) of weed they’re ingesting, mystical materials they’re wielding, their satirical online reviews + shout-outs/good vibes. each episode wraps up with their respective views on a personal + unconventional topic. they welcome their monthly visitor in a periodical episode, inviting a guest to join them. the best of each month is recapped in a round-up episode

VIEWS FROM THE 6IX is the catharsis the world’s been waiting for and these 2 high idiots are just the women to bring it. 

thanks for listening.

j + c xx