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09.24.18 ep.25 coming soon. we talk fertilizing our plants with our period blood (grow up if you’re grossed out), claire is racist again but this time by accident, chinese medicine, god berry weed, our favourite jokes from our favourite kristeen von hagen, book reviews of books that aren’t magazines.

09.02.18. in the very near future: school’s back & so are we. get ready to learn about magic weed, new music we’re lovin’ on, getting an infusion with cocaine-blood, new york city & listen to a lady orgasm.

08.14.18. comin’ up: your ballin’ baes are back with back-to-back eps. what shall we do for our one year anniversary show? let us know! is it just you or is this your fave ep. ever. put your lighters up, get high with them, fly with them, ain’t no dividing them. east side, west side north side, south side unify. come on and ride with them.

07.17.18 comin’ atcha real soon, episode 21. your ballin’ baes get sky-high right off the bat (full of weed). it gets sexual (obvs) it gets real (jk) it gets smokey. GET RIGHT WITH THE GODDESSES.

05.29.18. have yourself a private dance-party to “goodlife” which cascades into the 20th podcast episode. chill out tune in with us in a world/hour filled with jackassery, masterfully offensive drivel/genius either by default or design. really. what else do you have to do.

06.04.18. 🎵…you’re back now at the podcast hour
this is MCs claire & jamillah
on w-balls
right now something new by VIEWS FROM THE 6IX
and this one goes out to the ladies and all the guys
a big bow wow wow
cause we gonna make it a little misty here tonight
these MCs love EZ Dicc
on the podcast that slaps you across your fat ass
with a fat dick…🎵


24.05.18. coming soon to blast you with eargasms. another blunt, another podcast. dicks, jesus, mystery guest, the good kind of racism, old italian women’s unfair aging process & jamillah contemplates having a hugely successful alt-right podcast. …what’s that…? you love shitlists & kermie? get down or lay down, clicka.


05.05.18. episode no.18 is coming out in a few short days. you’ve never heard jamillah be so adorable. also BLUNTS because of course, obvs.

22.04.18. are you a christian who has zero sense of humour? then this (all) episode(s) are just for you. don’t forget bothers & sisters to not slander one another like dicks, especially when the jokes are funny as fuck (summation of james 4:11-12, amirite pseudocharitas?!). also we’re not just offensive for the sake of it or all the time. just kidding. it’s all the time. listen in one & all. also more in ice cream news.

09.04.18. PLEA TO NOT LISTEN TO THE SHOW: if you hate joy in your heart and chillin’ while laughing/learning/escaping for 1 single hour from the harrowed state of the news, then please don’t listen. if you’d prefer a boring commute to/from wherever you’re going, then please don’t listen. if you take yourself and everything in life incredibly seriously & are offended by everything, then please don’t listen. if you’re super judgemental/sanctimonious, then please don’t listen. thank you for not listening.

02.04.18. love love love: drake getting shots up + ep.14: you get some khia & beyoncé/green crack & pink kush/sexy & hilarious jesus model/getting high with snoop/drake the vegetarian/hate-fucking vs. a gentle scissoring/the best kind of racism.

27.03.18. belly & run the jewels/white-walker and power weed/holy week begins/turkish coffee readings/halo-top ice cream/bautista’s unemployment/charity gifts including poo/yeezy adidas/golden girls/bloc québècois/poutine/nuns/on the run II tour. all of this and more on this week’s podcast.

20.03.18. wanna hear some king los and/or krs-one? good, because they button-up this episode 12. we talk men’s balls, baseball, politics, nail-art, comic-con, red sparrow and it’s explicit sexual-violence, and faith/christian traditions.  and claire forgets every previous word/sentence she just said. jamillah saves the day. keep listening, keep rating us and tell all your friends. if you don’t have friends then hang with us during the show, and then go ask yourself some difficult questions.

…guess who’s back in the motherfuckin house? with a fat dick for your motherfuckin mouth… –snoop dogg

we’ve missed you, and we’ve missed doing our show. please know if there were any way we could have recorded, we would have. there were a lot of circumstances, it was really stupid/amazing. episode 11 is chill as fuck. it’s obvs funny, but it’s a gentle renaissance. come back to us, and hear us (claire) make completely uninformed, ridiculous comments & (jamillah) talk about what’s relevant/completely irrelevant. tell your friends- it’s a fun hour! we talk naked men/vegas/weed/slapping/religion/rick ross/drakeformation/baseball. AND ALSO SHAKIRA’S HIPS ARE SUPER HONEST.Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.33.26 AM

coming up: episode 9. your OGs talk chicken, grillz, porn, drake, and THE TORONTO BLUE JAYS WINTER TOUR AND WINTER FEST.




“it’s a new day, and it’s long overdue.” -dan rather

us BJs (1)

oh, my. we sure did miss you people over the holidays. as a late present, we’re giving you TWO fabulous episodes, to charm your cute little ears with.


“lets get a little crazy here”
― bob ross

the forgeous doublet forgets a lot of stuff in this episode. listen, you’ll see: it’s unforgettable.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.32.59 PM


it seems that drake wants you to listen…

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 12.11.32 PM



hello listeners (casual, potential, undecided, and/or hooked). neither jamillah nor i possess  the super-power of mind-control. as you know, Jedi Mind Tricks (same with the Jedi-Mind-Click that landed you here) are generally used for good vibes. so, win-win & congratulations. the reviews are in & they’re great! the only problem is, again we need you to take one minute to subscribe and rate the podcast on itunes. somehow, the internet gods expand our reach & popularity when you do that. no presh for serious, but it’s a nice thing for us. someone said i talked about baseball too much & fast-FWDed through those parts. that’s why we have the countdown clock for my 2-minute baseball homilies. sorry, non-baseball fans. i hope we make up for those two minutes of ear-hell with hilarigreat banter. keep listening whenever/wherever. it’s just a chill, fun hour hangin’ with two of your favourite ballin’ baes. get in touch, & explore this beautifully crafted (exquisite!) website for questions, answers, laughs, or creeping. we have new/more pages here to explore (like pictures, dudes!). sometimes you might think, “do i really want to hear about this? it seems too personal/deep/offensive/disgusting/HILARIOUS/informative/balls-out.” 

& even when you *think the answer is no… it’s actually YES in your heart. you know it. we know it.

c. x


hey baes. we’re really enjoying doing this together, & for your listening pleasure. that said, it is a work in progress. (isn’t everything.)

as an actor, i’ve been trained to act before i think. i should know better than to apply this method/direction in real life. without crucifying myself, i’m already terribly ashamed at one of the comments i made in ep.2, when talking about that monster harvey weinstein (i feel gross just spelling his name). i often speak without thinking, which is one of the main reasons why we established the red-panties-rule. often my cursory banter works out well, because it’s funny. sometimes it’s not at all. in fact sometimes, it’s the opposite of funny. but this is us, this is me, & i’m learning. let’s X our fingers that today, i’m wiser than i was yesterday.

we launched our 1st three episodes, today! look… we’re not going to force you to do something you don’t want to do. BUT. if you enjoyed our podcast in any way- why not…

1. subscribe to it on iTunes: views from the 6ix

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thanks for clicking on this, either by default or design. hopefully you’ll enjoy VIEWS FROM THE 6IX. we’re just two women living our lives, and trying to have fun & make fun while doing it.

c. x