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episode 2.10

step into a world with KRS-ONE & JAY-Z for some big pimpin’. it’s Holy Week! yay, Jesus! this episode is super giggly. the girls burn some mystery weed despite the risk of it being heroijanna + the classiest, most fashionable of strains, Chanel… and they get hiiiiiiiiiiiigh. jamillah’s gym “Goodlife” should be called “Life. *shrug”. Old Town Road + the yeehaw agenda, time travel in a bottle, blunt weapons + hot dudes at pot dispensaries. LOLZY LOLZY LOLZY and you’re welcome in advance.

episode 2.09

spark one up for vibes with ivy sole & harry nilsson. this week your bad bitches twist up some hawaiian weed. jamillah’s got a dope Dior visor, super-powers and gardening vibes. claire reviews her diva cup, searches for humility and talks N.D.E.s


joy abounds as your hosts welcome their monthly visitor, stand-up comic shannon laverty (listen here: SHANNON LAVERTY DON’T SHHH ME!) turn up with sativa weed strains rio bravo and white chocolate cheesecake, jamillah’s super sexual review, claire’s picked her coffin. get down and dirty with khia & ratatat. 

march round-up

missed some stuff? recap the past month with the CliffsNotes of episodes. enjoy March 2019 recounted by Jamillah and Claire’s greatest hits.  take a trip back to simpler times with the beatnuts and skee-lo.

episode 2.06

mila j kicks back + panjabi mc collabs w/young j-hova. indica-dominant obama + cheery pie strains. jamillah’s life-hacked workouts & finessed nails, claire’s shame re: love for an imagine dragons song, what a grieving depressive sounds like when jilling-off.

episode 2.05

you guys. this is claire’s favourite episode ever. shit gets crazy.

j + c throw it back to legends foxy brown & 2pac for you to shake. that. ass. JAMILLAH MADE BONG, weed’s sexiest strain: cherry pie, claire tries to sound smart but then she cries.

episode 2.04 

feel the good vibes from teyana taylor, kanye & rick ross. jamillah + claire risk cancelling t-pain when they twist-up some Obama weed. a review of toronto’s oasis (sex club), an unlikely shakespearian soliloquy, schadenfreude and other german feelings.

episode 2.03

lift up your spirit with norman greenbaum, DMX & ice cube the Lenten season is upon us and your baes denote their devotion by offering indica-dominant sweet back angel (jamillah’s new nickname) and blue god weed smoke up to the heavens. jamillah is DIYing her weed garden and the women worry some mystery seeds could blossom into a venus flytrap, an artful cannabis ad and preparation for Easter.

episode 2.02.

get mind-fucked with the pixies & lil’ wayne. this week your flossin’ bossin’ BBs torch a giggle stick packed with hybrid peanut butter breath. big ups to spike lee, WHITE SAVIOR: THE MOVIE TRAILER and jamillah’s BLACK PLANET page. claire gets real about the breadth of suicidality. 

episode 2.01.

 bill withers welcomes the pair and it gets all fire water burn. your homegirls are happy to be back and prove it by firing-up a bat stuffed with good-vibes inducing indica-dominant hybrid city lights. jamillah’s temper flared in hawaii, claire recalls a night with donald trump 23 years ago, the women struggle with claire’s racism.