flava in ya ear

episode 27.

*front-end: PMJ (feat. haley reinhart) “creep” WE MISSED YOU AND WE’RE BACK AND WE MAKE IT UP TO YOU BY BEING AWESOME! the doyennes bun sativa-hybrids “love potion no.1” and “white shark”. cannabis is legal in canada now but the transition is a dumpster-fire. claire’s ended her 2.5yr streak of sexual abstinence and she’s making up for lost time. we talk lingerie & how we style our pubes. jamillah wants a job at the airport to guard the “cannabis disposal bins”. this is a good one dudes. pinky-swear. *back-end: beyoncé “don’t hurt yourself”

episode 26.

*front-end: mickey avalon “my dick” indica truffle butter gets smoked af by your baes. claire tries to remember the name of showbiz & a.g.’s track “rise”. obvs more homework for our listeners because you love it. jamillah’s working on the “baroness von sketch” show, where does cannabis grow most abundantly, goodbye john gibbons-level of excellence, guns, bumble, current fave tv shows. *back-end: barrington levy + beanie man “murderer”

episode 25.

*front-end: ELO “it’s a livin’ thing” the “god berry” hybrid looks good, smells good & tastes good. sounds like jamillah & claire are about to smoke what describes them. TURN IT UP IN THE HEADPHONES. sing along to your new fave karaoke go-to with elo up-top. kristeen vonhagen’s comedy is all you need to live. claire is racist by accident, and calls a woman a cunt but only because that woman is an actual cunt. jamillah’s vag is turning against her. more homework for our listeners. claire likes to casually read the likes of goeth & descartes & toss the books where guests can’t miss them. you won’t learn anything in this episode. in fact, by the end you’ll know less than before. *back-end: stevie wonder “as”

episode 24.

*front-end: heart “magic man” believe in magic. these grown-ass women do to the point of smoking some. the mamasitas went on a field-trip to get their psychic readings done. they act-out how they behave during pelvic exams/sti tests. claire went to nyc and got emotional about baseball & 911. jamillah got certified in cpr, we talk giving blood & how rad it would be to get transfused with cocaine-blood. claire thinks eminem’s progression is inspirational but either way, he doesn’t grill j’s cheese. LISTEN TO A WOMAN HAVE AN ORGASM. *back-end: white zombie “more human than human”

episode 23.

*front-end: nicki minaj (w/Eminem) “majesty” your bad bitches kick it off with the queen and her husband’s sick rhymes. jamillah sparks up a baby-bat of the sativa-dominant “white buffalo” & draws in some “blue dream vapor”. claire can’t get high for a while because she’s back doing ect/shock-therapy again and she doesn’t want to mix up psychotropic drugs in her defective brain. she’s been practicing self-care and warns addicts to pull it together because being sober is way more boring than not being sober. jamillah + vape pens = true love forever. jamillah champions the drag shows at crews & tango. your baes recall shreds & remind millennials that their generation invented the internet. jamillah doesn’t want you to be a hero but does want you to order a mystery box from the dark web. *back-end: cream “white room”

episode 22.

*front-end: french montana feat. swae lee “unforgettable” WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER IS IT JUST YOU OR IS THIS YOUR FAVE EP. EVER. sativa- dominant “white buffalo” incites giggling! claire and jamillah go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong but split over who gets off listening to the podcast. jamillah puts on her lipstick with her toes and their business squares are out about town. why you need their marijuana hacks right now, should claire get a face-lift or bangs and don’t wear your white sheets in the wrong fashion to a toga party. if kathy lee thinks all god’s creatures are beautiful then claire challenges her to look at her butt hole. *back-end: en vogue “hold on”

 episode 21.

*front-end: rob base + dj ez rock “it takes two” it takes two to smoke the giant bat full of “white castle” (a gift/surprise wizard-stick!). still hella-high but no ceiling breathing in “crown royal” (the sexy weed). jamillah’s fringe play got 5/5* and she’s officially labeled “a true queen”. stranger-danger has a jamillah foot-fetish & he made it public af. claire (28 years too late) allegates billy joel’s “just the way you are” is straight-up misogynistic. the baes want to sing a new personal version of “we didn’t start the fire” with the understanding that claire has actually started 3 fires. ooops. they talk cannabis cup winners, j’s rub n’ tug, c’s attempt at sexy bumbling  and c getting ghosted for a 2017 nye boning-sesh. *back-end: bran van 3000 “cum on feel the noise”

episode 20.

*front-end: kanye west “yikes” the so fresh and so clean MCs (mind-controllers/masters of ceremonies) smiggedy-smoke all the “chisel” and “king tut” weed up. the sativa-dominant hybrid “king tut” prompts your baes to indulge in reminiscence of steve martin’s song of the same name. j & c discuss high renaissance art (incl. but not limited to) statues with small penises, the city of paris and the sistine chapel. c recalls her miscarriage as a maury povich/baby-daddy situation, and they liken their made up song “♫…sometimes you feel like a baby, sometimes you don’t…♫” to the almond joy commercial jingle from the 70s/80s. j & c recognize & shout-out their massive scientist demographic & pay homage to science in general because obvs. c comments on québèc’s ban on burqas/niqabs even though she’s not fully informed (as usual). while watching their comedian friends’ sets at a club in niagara falls, claire looks at the comics’ headshots in the entrance made up heavily of dudes she’s effed- her greatest hits or hall of shame, if you will. go see jamillah’s fringe show next month! *back-end: clap your hands say yeah “the skin of my yellow country teeth”

episode 19.

*front-end: L7 “shit list” the hail palesses well met spark up another blunt stuffed with “black magic”, agree with tupac that “…california knows how to party…” while they draw in some “cali dream”. a mystery guest (not to be confused with MYSERY CALLER) sits with us but like a solo crowd, not engaging, just lovin’ our jokes because obvs. claire takes her racism to the next level and jamillah tries to suppress her, and SINGS for you for the stupidest reason. j dismisses the fact that she’s a diva as well as having loooooooved the royal wedding. they talk penises as per uge, & have a theory why claire was the only female in an all male line-up waiting for confession at her parish. drake has released his newest kicks- “air jordan 4 (shit) splatter(s) as we like to call them. wrong or right, we compare them to yeezys. j pushes c to dress in classic/sophia patrillo old lady styles. they defend offensive jokes while making some awesome ones, themselves. *back-end: kermit the frog: rainbow connection

 episode 18.

*front-end: norman greenbaum “spirit in the sky” 2 queens. blunts. hilarity ensues. end of description. *back-end: bob marley & the wailers “redemption song”

episode 17.

*front-end: wiz khalifa “420 freestyle” your boss bitches get mind-monkeyed owing to the cerebral, psychedelic effects & ginormous thc count in the “y griega” and “pantom o.g.” cannabis strains. they’re very singy, giggley and overall feverishly bonkers, obvs making ep.17 extra-hilarious. jamillah is intent that the heart of the city is wherever she is. claire is heretical at bible study by throwing a bomb into the class & sitting back to watch it burn- insinuating jesus was a great magician with super-cool tricks. a tragedy in the 6ix compels j to take a cpr class. the 2 have talk about the crackalackin’ jollibee fast food from the philippines (now in the 6ix), and puff-puff-passing at a local hookah bar. c substantiates her ok with/hate relationship with jazz, verifying hard-core insight.
the foxiis declare claire’s dating-profile headline should be, “my head is the perfect size”, boosting her draft status by curio. ANSWERED QUESTIONS/SHOUTOUTS TO LISTENERS. *back-end: cars “just what I needed”

episode sweet 16.

*front-end: kendrick lamar “the blacker the berry” “blue amnesia” and “pink lizard” joints are crankshafts kicking the hot ma’s head changes into high gear. want to ask jamillah + claire a yes or no question, answered by the power of claire’s mystical energy & her hypersonic pendulum? holla at ya baes. j + c went to check out 1 of the few remaining actual versions of the king james preternatural wicked bible/sinner’s bible, at the rare book store. they declare the 1st/most horrific  sin should be “thou shalt not be a theory of a creedleback fan”. c gets ambushed by old-fashioned buffering. damn gina, kendrick lamar’s DAMN wins a pulitzer, claire tries to connect the dots back to kurt vonnegut’s “timequake” but confuses the pulitzer for the nobel prize storyline. j is skepticus maximus of c’s ok with/hate relationship with jazz, c clapsback by informing j she worked in a jazz bar, was engaged to a jazz musician & lived on 52nd street in nyc. halo top is only available in the 6ix’s boujee hoods & in more ice cream news, their bible study group actively hate the “sweet jesus” creamery thereby making j + c conceal giggles. j informs us of the legalization and regulation of cannabis province-by-province. *back-end: martha wainwright “bloody motherfucking asshole”

episode 15. listen here

*front-end: cardi b “get up 10” “girl scout cookies” & “black bart” weed gets smoked as fuck by the kindred spirits. jamillah & claire recount their field trip. c took j to a spiritual store to further her plan to turn j into a smelly hippie. j brings c to a witchcraft store/bar where c is saddened by the young bartender/shop person not having heard of “buffy the vampire slayer” therefor not caring/knowing about witch representation in the media.  the duo kept on to “urban garbage” a store with trendy, cheap, great clothes clearly made by children in a sweatshop. j explains the difference between a square and a triangle. dragons: good or bad? warm food & a natural heating system, but tough to smoke weed with if they get angry. c recounts doing some gentle lsd & other drugs while she worked in drive-thru as a teen. the 2 wonder if heroine might be one of julie andrews’s favorite things. *back-end: drake “nice for what”

episode 14. listen here

*front-end khia’s “my neck my back (lick it)” your boos bun some “green crack” & “pink kush” the silfs super-love each other & discuss a gentle scissor but no kissing à la julia roberts style in “pretty woman”. malala’s been ballin’ & your girls think her next memoir should be called, “who’s malala now, bitch”. some DRAKEFORMATION leads them into an ethical debate about how secretly awesome it is to wear fur. the bad kitties admit that they don’t jill-off to celebrities, and while j says hate-fucking can keep a marriage spicy, c admits it’s the only kind of sex she’s ever had. hilarious racism is their favorite type of racism. claire gives the canadian military a bad name & jamillah wants to work in a pit-crew. shout-outs to listeners who’ve been in touch. *back-end beyoncé “hold up”

episode 13. listen here

*front-end: belly’s “man listen”  the duo are high on “power” and test multiple cannabis-cup-winning “white-walker” it’s palm sunday and the friencesses have been at church. jamillah gets anointed, while claire meets up with some young nuns. claire eats cookies and is waiting to exhale on jamillah. the habibs have had turkish coffee readings, ate some halo-top, are mad at beyoncé and jay-z for skipping out on the 6ix for their “on the run II” tour, and bautista could be reunited with alex anthopoulos with the braves. on holy thursday c has to see her shrink, go to opening day & head over to watch “run the jewels” that night. jamillah talks me to we shop, while claire buys a pile of shit for her sister/in her sister’s name- because it’s very useful for cooking, warmth & rituals in india. yeezy adidas, golden girls, parti québècois, and québèc poutine can’t be replicated. *back-end: run the jewels “close your eyes and count to fuck”

episode 12. listen here

*front-end: king los “god money war” tus dos madres calientes turn it up with some “long island iced pink” + “super silver haze”. this episode is hazy-lazy but slow and steady wins the race (codename: we get SUPER high). all tea all shade, claire’s gangsta-bitch stiletto shaped nails are dope as fuck. jamillah’s been at comic-con and the two discuss superpowers. should we vote on who looks best in a pair of shorts or who’s going to decriminalize marijuana faster/more efficiently + honestly. also claire like all different kinds of men’s balls, but mostly huge nutsacks. *back-end: krs-one “step into a world”

episode 11. listen here

*front-end: brandy + monica’s “the boy is mine” the bangin’ baes blazed and get blazed with the dense, dusty, frosty snowfall strains “starlight” and “wifi o.g.” jamillah and claire missed you and podcasting- they were unable to record for a while because of circumstances. they both love slapping people for different and many reasons, and they reinforce the message to young and old alike to never play the “close your eyes and open your mouth” game, unless you love finding out 45mins later you’re tripping on mushrooms. claire is all wrong about reza aslan’s personal life, tweets & tv show. jamillah’s gone off the rails with her lenten sacrifice. *back-end: prince + the revolution’s “let’s go crazy”

episode 10. listen here

*front-end: madcon’s “beggin” your hosts get dazed and goodfused blowin’ “coffee cake” and “weapons of mass destruction” smoke (what seems like heroijuana). your baes turn to louise hay to impart her wisdom and instill positive thinking to alleviate j’s eye affliction. claire discloses why she hasn’t/can’t/wont masturbate. j & c review the winter fest and winter fair. c has finally (after years of wanting to) dyed her hair pastel grey. people get grossed out about feeding houseplants (diluted) period-blood, even though it’s good for them. grow up & grow your plants. we love diss-tracks and drakeformation include talks of his new ep: “scary hours”. *back-end: electric six’s “danger! high voltage”

episode 9. listen here

*front-end: tom brosseau’s (NO RELATION) “we were meant to be together” the pair of breastie-OGs light up with some sticky-icky “fire o.g.” CLAIRE IS GOING TO THE TORONTO BLUE JAYS’ WINTER TOUR & WINTER FEST AND HAS NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED FOR ANYTHING, EVER. jamillah unwraps her birthday gift from claire: an AIR-HORN. it’s straight-up loud as fuck and c & j lose their minds laughing as they deafen themselves and possibly claire’s neighbors. drakeformation, porn, chicken, grillz +.   *back-end: mayassa karaa’s “ارنب ابيض”

episode 8. listen here

*front end: wyclef jean’s “guantanamera” this week, your ballin’ baes fire up jamillah’s homegrown dank weed, “lady balsam orange” & “lady balsam pink” and get very, very high. claire expresses deep regret for a comment she made on their 2nd episode re: victims of sexual assault. both wish “the gay agenda” was a real thing, because that would be the best agenda ever. j & c gush & herald jay-z’s 4:44 show/concert & jamillah bought some dope merch. the girls receive a phone call, & to keep their show at 60mins. they edit out the call with keen mastery & the beastie boys. the frienbians discuss the wonder & mystery of the(ir) vagina(s)/axe-wounds. neither j nor c celebrated canada’s 150th anniversary, because the country numbers thousands of years of human history.*back-end: rihanna’s “love on the brain”

episode 7. listen here

*front end: jay-z’s “izzo (h.o.v.a.)” the girls fire-up jamillah’s cannabis that she cultivated with complete autonomy. straight up poppin’ fresh, it’s “lady balsam orange”. the girls are on their way to the jay-z concert, & are celebrating all day for their self-proclaimed “jay-z day” holiday. j & c radically dissertate queen elizabeth II & her cousin/husband prince philip are either lizard people or it’s a weekend-at-bernie’s style, royal whitewash. claire ignites a crusade (like an illuminati jacobin) in her apartment building to command the owners of the real estate to superintend the bedbug infestation. j & c want to launch/brand ski-masks (balaclavas) for women to wear in public/at night as protection from torment. *back-end: the b-52s’ “planet claire”

episode 6.  listen here

*front-end: damien “jr. gong” marley feat. stephen marley “medication”. the girls get high with the help of some “black widow” and award-winning “mendocino purps”. the girls decide they are too many JESSICAs & JENNIFERs. they love the names, but it’s too confusing. jamillah makes claire laugh so hard that the force of the laughter makes her period start. the magic no.7/what women are “supposed” to say about how many lovers they’ve had, and J & C call bullshit. claire’s been thinking about clowns & the circus a lot lately, while jamillah can’t trust clowns. *back-end: handsome boy modelling school feat. cat power “i’ve been thinkin'”

episode 5.  listen here

*front-end: bran van 3000 feat. big daddy kane “loaded”. the girls keep on keepin’ on getting high with “jack herer” and “bruce banner”. jamillah has an idea/wants to pitch a ghost-porn: “ghost-fuckers”. a mystery-caller calls in, between her busy schedule of doing mysterious things in mysterious places. claire’s crushing hard on jagmeet singh, but like for real (not just next-leveling her star-fucking/name-dropping). j & c ponder the logistics of sending a person’s cremains in an envelope through the mail. j & c unveil their merch, and invite you to contact them at viewsfromthe6ixpodcast@gmail.com  www.viewsfromthe6ix.com*back-end: dawn penn & bounty killer’s “no no no (you don’t love me)”.

episode 4.  listen here

*front-end: amerie feat. jay z’s “1 thing”. the girls keep with the hybrids, “jack herer” and “bruce banner” to get them high. why they’re not size-queens, and not gonna fake it. the women discuss which superhero has the sexiest alter-ego, and who is the sexiest deity. claire almost blows toronto’s well-kept “fight-club” secret. advice to our fifteen-year-old selves from our middle-aged selves, and time-travel. *back-end: afroman’s “because i got high”.

 episode 3. listen here

*front-end: britney spears’s “ooops!… i did it again”. the girls smoke some cali “jack herer” weed, and pull on “bruce banner”. j & c discuss sexy and rigodamnediculous halloween costumes, from an actual douchebag/box of summer’s eve, holding a tennis racket (as an embodiment of john mcenroe) to a sexy-hazmat-suit. j & c debate whether the incredible hulk is a show-off who doesn’t fight fair, who needs mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy. a delivery man from amazon shows up during the episode and it goes awry. *back-end: frank ocean’s “pink matter”.

episode 2. listen here

*front-end: jedi mind tricks & gza’s “on the eve of war”. the girls enjoy smoking some “burmese haze”. tmz welcomes back jamillah, and share her views. claire has sexy feelings and realizes her vagina hasn’t atrophied. jamillah’s cannabis buds are ripe for the picking, and she writes claire’s epitaph in reverie. j & c want to release a collection of claire’s old ironic-comedy-sex-tapes. *back-end: nina simone’s “tell me more and more and then some”.

episode 1. listen here

*front-end: cypress hill’s “k.u.s.h.” the girls get high c/o the widely beloved “blue dream” strain of weed. jamillah & claire discuss robots becoming increasingly ethnological. the girls fantasize about their dream sex-robot. c’s fantasy robot morphs into willie nelson. c receives the fake nipples she ordered through the mail, and the women analyze them. jamillah recounts what claire missed in bible study this week (they earnestly go to weekly bible study). there were hot dudes there for once and they lament claire missing it. *back-end: drake’s “controlla”