flava in ya ear


episode 2.04 

teyana taylor + kanye kick-off this ep. jamillah + claire twist-up somecity lights, the indica-dominant strain with an impressive THC content. they keep their high alive with theObama hybrid despite the possible side-effect of cancelling t-pain. they get mystical af in hopes of dispelling claire’s ennui. jamillah unknowingly activated her 911/SOS app leaving cryptic texts + pictures, terrifying those who love her. claire reads her yelp review of toronto’s oasis (sex club) and paints a very clear picture. claire performs an unlikely shakespearian soliloquy for the 1st time in 20yrs and jamillah experiences schadenfreude and other german feelings. rick ross’s angel voice leads us out the back.

episode 2.03


intro-> eye of the tiger. DMX + ice cube the Lenten season is upon us and the motif is woven throughout the fabric of this ep. your baes denote their devotion by offering weed smoke up to the heavens, by burning the indica-dominant sweet back angel (jamillah’s new nickname) and blue god cannabis strains. this week’s reviews are an exercise in jackasserie and jamillah’s exacted lowkey revenge to remind her husband she’s a bad bitch. she’s DIYing her weed garden and the women worry some mystery seeds could blossom into audrey II/a venus flytrap (little shop of horrors). claire gushes over spike jonze’s artful cannabis ad but laments the women are limited to supporting characters only. they discuss their self-denial in preparation for Easter. spirit in the sky. norman greenbaum <-outro

episode 2.02.

intro-> can’t be broken. lil’ wayne this week your flossin’ bossin’ BBs kick off this episode by torching a giggle stick packed with the hybrid peanut butter breath. they bend natural energy by burning champa and intention candles, environed with the healing powers of crystals. more rigodamnediculous reviews they posted online, big ups to spike lee, WHITE SAVIOR: THE MOVIE TRAILER and jamillah’s BLACK PLANET page. then, take a breath because…claire gets real about the breadth of suicidality. she bleeds because medical assistance in dying under THE CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS discriminates/is unconstitutional by denying those with refractory bipolar/MDD their right to a safe and peaceful exit. where is my mind. the pixies <-outro

episode 2.01.

intro-> just the two of us. bill withers. your homegirls are happy to be back and prove it by firing-up a bat stuffed with good-vibes inducing city lights, an indica-dominant hybrid and break it down for you. jamillah‘s legit moved by claire’s poetic review of the puffer coat she bought on amazon. shout-out to books (claire proclaims in earnest they make you smart, as if this was new 411), toronto’s underground cafe & social club and the ready-to-use tray sets on sale there. jamillah’s temper flared in hawaii and she was almost devoured by a beach. the frienbians talk displaced chickens and the unsung, oscar-worthy performance by the hens in the peter rabbit film. claire confesses her confession and recalls a night where she danced with donald trump when she lived in new york, 23 years ago.  the women struggle with claire’s racism, because they’re really nice stereotypes. fire water burn. bloodhound gang. <-outro