it’s P.F.M.

(pure. fucking. magic.) warning: this will induce eargasms.

they like to laugh. they like to make you laugh. then everyone’s laughing. + you laugh and laugh.

jamillah ross and claire brosseau are grown-ass-women. 40mins a week, two hilarigreat frienbians who have much and not-so-much in common invite you to put them in your ears. enjoy not learning/knowing less than you did before, laughing + crying (maybe? yikes. collar-pull) while they smoke weed. the hot mas canvass various art forms, literature, politics, social constructionism, sports and tons of stuff they know a little about, and a little stuff they know tons about.  in weekly segments they valuate the strain(s) of weed they’re ingesting, get witchy, read rigodamnediculous online reviews they wrote and smoothly spread good vibes with some big-ups for what sparks joy in them. they are both fascinating and dynamic af and you’re welcome in advance for this special, stimulating listen.